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The Vessel Project

Vessel is an interdisciplinary project combining the works of Menno Krant, painter and Phil Ogison (The Devil In The Design)electronic musician.

In the world of Art, Painting has always occupied the place of Fine Art. Other areas of image making such as prints and photography vie for the favour of this coveted realm.
Music has never reached this lofty plateau for one reason alone, that being its' reproducibility. A painting may exist in isolation from all others, a unique representation of the gifts of the artist, and unless it is reproduced by mechanical means it remains aloof from the taint of 'commercial art'. Music is generally written down, and reproduced in order that others may reproduce or interpret it, it is also disseminated worldwide by means of mechanical media and this makes it ineligible to be considered 'Fine Art' as it is no longer unique amongst works.

Vessel seeks to create music and visual art that is partnered in a unique status. There will be one piece of music that accompanies one painting, the two will be packaged as one, and will therefore become a 'Fine Art' object. No reproductions will be made or exhibited, only the original object will exist. In terms of music that is recorded live, that one recording will be all that exists of the live musical event and the painting that was produced while the music was being performed is the only art that is partnered with the music. After the recording/performance, the audio file will be burned to compact disc, and then erased. The CD and Painting will constitute the Vessel.

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Vessel is Menno Krant and Phil Ogison