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The League of Imaginations

List of Collaborative Projects

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Phil Ogison (The Devil In The Design)
Band Name Year(s)

Frog Symphony of Oberon 1973
Oberon 1973-1976
Aslan 1977
Eggplant 1978
Infinite Peacocks 1979
Rivers of Light 1979-1980
NTrance System 1983
Dragonslayer 1985
This Pure Desire 1986-1987
Starblanket 1987-1988
Making Big Picures 1988-1989
Bones of Ancestors 1989-1990
Ashes 1990-1991
Urdh 1991
Spazenomad 1998
Cybermonkey 1998-1999
MN8 1999
The Pyx 2000
KunzangTashi 2000-2001
Psychosomatic Climax Machine 2003-present
A Pretty Sonic Splatter 2004-present
The League of Imaginations 2004
Subduction Current 2004-present
The Devil In The Design 2003-present

Frog Symphony of Oberon: Phil Ogison (guitar & synths) Mark Franklin (bass)
Oberon: Phil Ogison (rhythm guitar & synths) Mark Franklin (bass)Paul Franklin (drums and vibes) Gordon Melody (lead guitar)
Aslan: Phil Ogison (electric guitar) Nils Langhjelm (acoustic guitars)
Eggplant: Phil Ogison (fretless guitar, synths) Bentley Jarvis (synths, soundscapes, found sounds) Robin Aulis (Harry Partch inst) Dave Harrison (toys and sounds) Raymond Poirier (drums) Keith Kisner (electric violin)
Infinite Peacocks: Phil Ogison (fretless guitar, soundscapes, words, found sounds) Mark Franklin (steam & gas bass)Bentley Jarvis (synths, soundscapes, words, sounds)
Rivers of Light: Phil Ogison (guitars) Stephen Brown (synths)
NTrance System: Phil Ogison (guitars, synths, vocals) Jason Smith (basss, synths, vocals) Colin Buehler (drums, vocals)
Dragonslayer: Phil Ogison (lead guitars) David Greene (bass) Colin Buehler (drums & vocals)
This Pure Desire (Edition 1) Phil Ogison (guitars & synths, vocals) Lorne Thomson (chapman stick, vocals)
This Pure Desire (Edition 2) Phil Ogison (guitars,vocals) Kevin Diebolt (bass, vocals) George DiMelo (drums) Marlon Kempmann (guitars,vocals) Stephen Brown (keyboards)
Starblanket: Phil Ogison (lead guitar) Kevin Diebolt (bass, vocals, megaphonics) Marlon Kempmann (guitars) Jeff Howard (drums, audio/visuals)
Making Big Pictures: Phil Ogison (lead guitar, radios) Kevin Diebolt (bass, megaphonics, bowed bass) David Greene (bass)Jeff Howard (drums, audio/visuals) Sharon Howard (videographer) Marlon Kempmann (guitar, vocals)
Bones of Ancestors: Phil Ogison (guitars) Jeff Howard (drums, audio/visuals) Carson Bradley (drums) Sharon Howard, Glenna Smith (videographers)
Ashes: Phil Ogison (lead guitar) David Greene (bass, vocals) Mike Powell (drums, vocals)
Urdh: Phil Ogison (synths) Stephen Brown (synths) Jared Davison (metaphysics)
Spazenomad: Phil Ogison (guitars, drum programming, synths, vocals) Ariel Ogison (vocals)
MN8: Phil Ogison (guitars, drum programming, synths)
Cybermonkey: Phil Ogison (guitars, sitar, bass, tablas) Marlon Kempmann (bass, guitars) Tad Winklarz (keyboards, found sounds)
The Pyx: Phil Ogison (guitars, bass, drum programming, vocals)
KunzangTashi: Phil Ogison (guitars, bass, drum programming, vocals) Catherine Tammaro: (vocals)
Psychosomatic Climax Machine: Phil Ogison (guitar) Anne Sulikowski (synths) Jeff Sinibaldi (guitar) Scott Johnson (synths, pedals) Vanessa Price (keyboards) Matt David (drums, pedals)
A Pretty Sonic Splatter: Phil Ogison (guitars, synths, pedals,vocals) Anne Sulikowski (synths, pedals, vocals, keyboards)
The League of Imaginations: Phil Ogison (synths virtual & analog) Scott Johnson (analog synths & pedals, mastering)

Subduction Current: Phil Ogison (guitar, analog synths, drum programming) Catherine Tammaro (guitars, synths, vocals)
The Devil In The Design: Phil Ogison (somnambulist guitars, synths, pedals, soundscapes, atmospherics)
Has collaborated with dreamSTATE: Scott M2 (virtual synths,controllers) Jamie Todd (virtual synths, controllers) SYLKEN: Eric Hopper (guitars, synths)
Love Puppets: Anne Sulikowski, Matt David
VESSEL: Menno Krant (visuals, paint) Phil Ogison (guitars, analog synths, found sounds, soundscapes)

Phil Ogison and others/The League of Imaginations