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Links you may like to investigate:

Canadian Music Centre, who distribute some of my albums.

The Art of Catherine Tammaro

AIMT Association of Improvising Musicians Toronto

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia's entry on Ambient Music

Ambient Music Resources

This is our recording collective, Worthy Records

Room 101,a wonderful artists' collective to view art and music by my wife Catherine Tammaro, and some of my literary efforts.

A wonderful Artsite from Russia

The Official Moondog site


The AMBiENT PiNG's recorded THiNGS

The Devil In The Design Soundclick page, to hear some more of the music.

The League of Imaginations - The music of Phil Ogison and Scott Johnson

A Pretty Sonic Splatter - The music of Phil Ogison and Anne Sulikowski

dreamSTATE site, truly beautifully wrought music.

Rik Maclean's band site, Mara's Torment

I love The Damned!

...and I love Siouxsie and the Banshees